A Prayer by Master Shantideva


(22) May those with fear become fearless,
Those in bondage be released,
Those lacking strength become strong,
And their hearts become friendly toward each other.

(41) May no limited being ever have pain,
Nor act with negative force, nor be sick,
Nor be frightened, nor be derided,
Nor ever be depressed.

(42) May the monasteries be well-established,
Spread with reading and recitation;
May the monastic community be always in harmony,
And the monastic purpose be fulfilled.

(43) May monks who wish to train (their minds)
Find isolated places,
And being rid of all distractions,
Absorb themselves in meditation, their minds fit for the task.

(44) May nuns have material support,
And be rid of conflict and harm;
And likewise may all renunciates
Have unbroken ethical discipline.

(45) May those with poor ethical discipline, being disgusted,
(Devote themselves) always to cleansing themselves of their negative karmic force;
And once they’ve reached the better rebirth states,
May their (vows of) tamed behavior remain unbroken.

(46) May the learned be shown respect,
And receive alms (and material support).
May their mental continuums be completely pure,
And (their fame) renowned in all directions.

(47) Without experiencing the sufferings of the worse rebirth states,
And without conduct that’s difficult to carry out,
May (wandering beings) swiftly attain Buddhahood,
With bodies superior to those of the gods.

(48) May all limited beings honor all the Buddhas,
Numerous times (and in numerous ways),
And may they always be happy (to the highest degree)
With the inconceivable bliss of the Buddhas.

(49) May the bodhisattvas’ heart-wishes
(To be able) to benefit the world be fulfilled,
And may whatever those guardians have intended
Indeed come to pass, for limited beings.

Shantideva, Bodhisattvacharyavatara, Chapter 10 – Dedication

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