Four Young Tulkus In The West – Details About What Happened To Kalu Rinpoche

The Magazine Details has written an article about four young tulkus in the West. Of course they have taken only the examples of four persons who are interesting because they chose a somewhat different life style than expected. Therefore the insights the magazine is offering present only a fraction of the vast variety of Tibetan life and tulkus. But the article gives a pretty good insight into those four people’s live and thinking. The article by Joseph Hooper can be found here: “Leaving OM: Buddhism’s Lost Lamas“.

The article gives also details about what happened to Kalu Rinpoche who made known that he was abused as a child by Buddhist monks and that his tutor tried to kill him in a furious attack. Experts being asked about these accusations replied:

“I thought it was one of the most real things I’ve seen.” Robert Thurman, Columbia University professor

About the knife-wielding incident, Thurman wrote in a subsequent e-mail to the editor:

“Sadly, it all does seem credible to me … The whole thing just reeks to high heaven.”

The magazine quotes also Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche who is said to be “concerned about sexual abuse at monasteries”:

“I think this is something we should look at …” “It’s very important that people don’t forget: Buddhism and Buddhist are two different entities. Buddhism is perfect.”

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  1. yeshe vajra says:

    It is well known that sexual abuse happened in the monasteries of Tibet but many things were kept hidden, and not talked about due to the influence of power, prestige and position. If one is from a poor family and one gets the good fortune of studying in a monastery, then one was truly blessed. If even the child reported said abuse, the parents wanting the best education naturally choose to hush the incidents/abuse for the greater good (albeit smacking of family gain!).
    Additionally, with the power gradient in favour of those who hold on to institutional power (dynamics-the monasteries as power base), widespread abuse as rule of practice would never be brought up and those same practices would persist in the absence of some type of therapy to bring forth the issues. Romantic Buddhism, as part and parcel of that false sense of equity that it is alleged is part of Buddhism become propped up and the result is what is seen today.
    Now spiritual materialism (Chogyam Trungpa) has become the modus operandi of skillfull means in search of survival, hegemony and indecent exposure using Buddhism as another tool in the spiritual universe.
    om svasti siddham

    • From the way you phrase your comment, I detect a certain amount of chogyam trungpa ( spiritual materialism) Either you haven’t taken your pills or you’ve had too many
      Om svasti yehudi Menuhin

    • I cannot really follow, yeshe vajra …

      • NO NAME says:

        I’m afraid that’s because the macaroncally named Yeshe Vajra is not making a coherent point.
        If you e got something to say YV, say it clearly and make sure it’s intelligible- your comment is a pot pourri of ideas, phrases and prejudices, all thrown together in a random order. It has the appearance of being driven by a wish to be noticed rather than to make any useful, valid point and is reminiscent of contributions made here by some rather disturbed individuals. Could it be we have a troll on our hands?


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