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[1] This link is broken. From the content only the following PDF copy is available at the moment: A Brief Opposition to Shugden – Department of Religion & Culture of the Central Tibetan Administration

[2] Though they have been asked by certain Lamas to take off their images from that site because they don’t practice Shugden any more, the website owners’ response was that this doesn’t matter to them because who once practiced Shugden would still be a Dorje Shugden practitioner. Trials from my side to correct some of their wrong claims in the discussion forum were immediately deleted after I posted them. For the website owners the contradiction of fighting “for religious freedom” and rejecting at the same time the rights and the freedoms of others seems not to be obvious …

[3] Here it is note worthy to see that the article starts with an image of a faithfully prostrating nun and an image capture “An exiled Tibetan Buddhist nun prostrates around the main temple and the residence of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.” In the light of the headline I feel this to be manipulative. First of all the Dalai Lama is not abusing anybody and also there is no report that nuns are abused. I wonder what drove The Guardian to follow such an tabloid approach …

[4] I restrained to include blogs made by WSS and NKT, these and more links can be found at the end of the readmore-site of Buddhism under assault.

[5] The blog is already offline… to get a taste of what the person was saying one can read some material on Dialogue Ireland.

[6] This letter became known in the internet as the “Sera Expulsion Letter”, though it is not the actual Declaration of Expulsion of Kelsang Gyatso issued forth on August 22, 1996. When this blog refers to “Sera Expulsion Letter” it refers to this letter To the Tibetan Buddhists around the World…. The “Sera Expulsion Letter” has no date.

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