This Blog will be closed from now on to the end of April 2015

Dear Reader of this blog,

I will be in India for four months and I will be offline during that time. You can read the posts and comments and you can also add new comments. Please note: new comments need to be approved by me because this is a closely moderated blog due to the contentious nature of the topics. Until I am back new comments will be stored in a waiting queue and I will approve them at the end of April 2015. Thank you for your understanding.

For further updates or new information you could visit for instance:

Use your life well. I am going to enjoy this break and media abstinence very much 😉
Thank you for everything. Tenpel

Update 01.01.2015

I had a change of the schedule in India and some limited internet access. Therefore there was a bit time to confirm comments and to add some additional posts. I might be able to continue this until the 3rd or latest 5th January and then I am totally offline as I said already.