Propaganda: The making of the holy Lama Ole Nydahl

I am not too much interested in discussing Ole Nydahl in this post. I wrote at length about him on my German website. The German article was my response to a collective effort by Ole Nydahl followers to remove criticism on Ole Nydahl from the German Wikipedia. After a mediation had been provoked by me, one of the (female) pro Nydahl editors was able to influence the (male) Wikipedia mediator by secretly inviting him to a dinner and a lecture of Ole Nydahl. (I found that out when I checked their talk pages and what they had deleted at those pages.) When I realized this I confronted the Wikipedia mediator and the pro Nydahl editor with these facts and finally I withdrew from the mediation and the German Wikipedia article about Ole Nydahl and made my own article about him …

According to all the information I checked, read, and received, I think it is safe to say that Ole Nydahl is a classical elitist leader gathering people who finally identify themselves with an elitist group, the Diamond Way, and its leadership – elitists who are convinced that it is they who bring the Dharma (within the context of Tibetan Buddhism) to the West – and Tibetans or Buddhist monks or nuns are not much needed for this process.

Ok, naivety and pride can make you believe everything, no matter how stupid it is.

In that sense, Ole Nydal and his Diamond Way followers are quite similar to the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT). Another similarity Ole and his Diamond Way Buddhism share with the New Kadampa Tradition is the occupation of a respected name for their spread in the West. Like the NKT occupies and claims to be the inheritor and the possessor of the ancient Kadampa school, Ole Nydahl and his Diamond Way devotees occupy and claim to be the inheritor and the possessor of the Karma Kaygue Tradition in the West. Also, both share a similar missionary drive, rapid expansion, badly educated teachers, and a superficial understanding of the Dharma. Ole Nydahl has been rightly criticized for promoting a hedonist version of Buddhism. Ole Nydahl has also been accused of speaking in a conceited and militaristic way, of being right wing, racist, sexist, and hostile to foreigners. He also became infamous for his strong hostile attacks against Islam.

However, he and his followers see themselves as yogis … maybe, the first yogis of the Karma Kaygue Tradition who do not live in caves, solitude or the forest and who do not have to rely on renunciation but on (samsaric) joys like bungee jumping, fast motorbike races, parachuting, sex etc.

In Germany people reported to me that Ole Nydahl and his followers took over most of the German Karma Kaygue Centers and made them their own centers. They said they did this by making devoted followers members of the respective charity trusts, removing the old board and installing a new board that followed Ole Nydahl and his favorite Karmapa candidate (Thaye Dorje). There were mainly only three very strong persons in Germany who were able to resist Ole Nydahl’s take-over strategy, a former army general and two architects. The latter also won the court case (after Nydahl and his followers took over their centre in Hamburg) and they kicked him and his followers out of it.

Having said this, there are also some good things about Ole Nydahl and his Diamond Way Buddhism:

  • it is not too difficult to leave the group – though similar to NKT, going to other Buddhist teachers, Buddhist centers or Buddhist traditions is strongly discouraged, seen as a grave fault and a threat to the lineage … similar to NKT, Nydahl and his followers share the same attitude of sectarianism with Kelsang Gyatso and his followers*
  • those who left the group are not damaged too much, but report that mainly there has been benefit for them and they can continue under good teachers outside of Diamond Way very easily
  • many (but not all) think about their time in Diamond Way with gratitude, and say that it was a good, initial start for Dharma practice for them
  • Ole does not establish himself as the sole authority for his students but Ole invites also other Buddhist teachers like the late Shamar Rinpoche etc.
  • Ole accepts when a student leaves him and when the student says he wants to follow another teacher. A former student told me that Ole wished him all the best and let him go without grasping or hostility.

I want to make you aware of the following propaganda video:

Here is an analysis to it:

For a video about Tibetan yogis see here

More critical information about Ole Nydahl

Burkhard Scherer, a desciple of Ole Nydahl, about Nydahl and his group from a rather biased academic point of view

* See for instance: A Warning Letter from Lama Ole Nydahl: Don’t Mix Tantric Methods and Teachers


  1. Sam Hoff says:

    I think you are unfairly criticizing another lama, just like you did with Sogyal Rinpoche.

    Seriously stick to Shugden

    • I don’t know how anyone could unfairly criticize someone like Sogyal Rinpoche when the evidence against him is irrefutable and terribly damning.

  2. I think such lamas are unfairly misleading their (or some of their) students, and give Buddhism and the Dharma in the West a bad name, and it is only fair to point this out. It might be also more constructive to discuss this than to be silent.

    5. Particular concern was expressed about unethical conduct among teachers. In recent years both Asian and Western teachers have been involved in scandals concerning sexual misconduct with their students, abuse of alcohol and drugs, misappropriations of funds, and misuse of power. This has resulted in widespread damage both to the Buddhist community and the individuals involved. Each student must be encouraged to take responsible measures to confront teachers with unethical aspects of their conduct. If the teacher shows no sign of reform, students should not hesitate to publicize any unethical behavior of which there is irrefutable evidence.

    This should be done irrespective of other beneficial aspects of his or her work and of one’s spiritual commitment to that teacher. It should also be made clear in any publicity that such conduct is not in conformity with Buddhist teachings. No matter what level of spiritual attainment a teacher has, or claims to have reached, no person can stand above the norms of ethical conduct. In order for the Buddhadharma not to be brought into disrepute and to avoid harm to students and teachers, it is necessary that all teachers at least live by the five lay precepts. In cases where ethical standards have been infringed, compassion and care should be shown towards both teacher and student.

    If you find any fault or inaccuracy in what I claim or write you are always invited to correct me.

  3. Sam Hoff says:

    Ole Nydahl and Sogyal Rinpoche are not monks.

    They can have sex with women according to Buddhadharma.

    its certainly not “above the norms of ethical conduct”.

    • You mean to have sex with your students and even with those who are married (SR) is ethical?

      • Sam Hoff says:

        By Vajrayana standards, yes.

        • But the Vajrayana standards are not met.

          Moreover, it is not just about this topic as the post above shows. I did not even mention how Ole and his students boost about his activities in this regard. Being sectarian, aggressive to other religions, trying to establish your group as the sole inheritor of the Karma Kagyue school in almost all countries, (+ as people told to me: taking over other centres) etc. is not a proper Buddhist behavior. In Austria there is at the moment a controversy because Oly Nydahl and his group deceive people by occupying domain names like “” which they do not fully represent. In Germany there has been a controversy already and the accusations of being racist etc were based on a 160 page (I think it were even more pages) or so report that quoted only what Ole said in his public teachings. A journalist who went to his public teachings recently said that nothing has changed.

          Ole is authentic in the sense that he doesn’t hide his aversion to Islam, his sexist attitude etc, his likes and dislikes. In that sense people have a better chance to decide if they want to follow him. (Interestingly he attracts a lot of middle class people like lawyers, journalists etc.) In NKT there is duplicity which makes it harder to get to know the real thoughts behind the leader.

          • Sam Hoff says:

            Many respected people like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Bill Maher etc. hate Islam.

            So what?

            • Buddha taught love and tolerance and not hate. Buddha also didn’t teach racism, sexism, elitism, sectarianism etc. Someone who claims to be a Buddhist teacher should give a good example of these teachings and not teach or give an example of the opposite.

              • Sam Hoff says:

                Thats incorrect.

                And Vajrayanists follow siddhas like Tilopa, Naropa etc.

                Not Buddha

                • I think it is important to be grounded. Ole Nydahl and Sogyal Rinpoche don’t show the signs of such esteemed yogis as Tilopa and Naropa. Tilopa and Naropa were exceptional. However, misleading gurus justify their actions by pointing to Tilopa and Naropa, but what they miss is to say that they do not have the qualities of Tilopa and that their Western students do not have the qualities of Naropa.

                  • Sam Hoff says:

                    What do you mean by showing signs?

                    Even if someone was a real Samyaksambuddha, like Kunzang Dechen Lingpa, you wouldn’t know it unless they told you.

                    We know that Sogyal Rinpoche was raised by the top authority in Tibetan Buddhism, Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö.

                    Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö outranks the Karmapas, the Dalai Lamas, and the Sakya Trizin.

                    And then Sogyal Rinpoche continued to receive teachings from various famous lamas throughout his life.

                    • Naropa was an extremely learned practitioners. It is sad he was one of the few who were able to distinguish Dharma from non Dharma. He was also (when I remember correctly) abbot of Nalanda, a master debater and not an uneducated Dharma practitioner as so many Westerners are. Tilopa was predicted and pointed to as Naropa’s teacher by a Dakini, who appeared before Naropa. When Naropa heard Tilopa’s name he was deeply moved …

                      Now starting with these facts, what student of Ole Nydahl or Sogyal Rinpoche can claim such qualities?

                      Further, when Naropa searched for Tilopa he found him fishing and eating fish. Then doubts came in his mind about Tilopa’s qualities. Tilopa could read Naropa’s mind and answered to the thoughts of Naropa as if Naropa had spoken to Tilopa. Then the doubts of Naropa about Tilopa’s qualities were reduced a bit. Then Naropa asked Tilopa about the killings of the fishes and Tilopa claimed he would transfer their consciousness to the pure realms, and he proved this claim by bringing the dead fishes to live again. Only then Naropa was convinced in Tilopa. So Tilopa showed the signs of a Mahasiddha. And Naropa was an extraordinary qualified student that was able to discriminate Dharma from non-Dharma and therefore he was able to discriminate authentic from inauthentic or less authentic teachers. It are such signs which I am referring to.

                      Being raised by a great master doesn’t mean that you have transformed your mind and attained deep realizations. Tibetans are far more practical. They don’t pay too much attention what name and tulku a lama is but what the real qualities are that he demonstrates in this very life. BTW, how many Tibetan students has SR, and how many of them are considered to be high masters?

                    • No name says:

                      I’m afraid you’re ‘outranking’ statement is thoroughly incorrect JKCL does not ‘ outrank’ the heads of any of the figures you mention( wonderful tho he was) since he was not the head of any tradition
                      Also your assertion that Dawkins and Hitchens are highly respected is entirely subjective-I personally loath both for their anti religious, anti DL views
                      I guess your just young and probably angry Que sera

                    • Sam Hoff says:

                      The Khyentse tulkus are the custodians of the vast majority of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

                      They outrank, and are the teachers of, the Karmapas, the Sakya Trizins and the Dalai Lamas.

                    • @Sam Hoff
                      The Khyentse tulkus are the custodians of the vast majority of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

                      They outrank, and are the teachers of, the Karmapas, the Sakya Trizins and the Dalai Lamas.

                      This is “Rigpa Ideology”, that was repeated hundred times and more. In some ways its true; as I see it, the Khyentse Tulkus are extraordinary, but there is, once beyond ordinary state of mind (Dzogchen: Ordinary state of mind), there is no better Buddha, no more rankin stuff.

                      So, Sam, eventually, re-consider your point of view. Outside Rigpa, you hardly impress anyone.

                      Sorry for the direct “approach”

                    • Sam Hoff says:


                      Its not Rigpa ideology. Its basic history. Read Sam van Schaik’s “Tibet: A History”.

                    • Sogyal Rinpoche’s maternal aunt Khandro Tsering Choden was the consort of Khyentse Chokyi Lodro.
                      SR grew up being educated in a residential Catholic school in Kalimpong; later Delhi Univ before he landed in Trinity college. He must have been only 10 when Khyentse Chokyi Lodro passed away in Sikkim. He may gotten his initial Buddhist studies education during his school holidays otherwise there was no FORMAL monastic education to speak of.
                      Most of his disciples are westerners. I don’t think there is a Sogyal Rinpoche monastery in India or Nepal though there is a ROKPA foundation.
                      The Tibetans of my parent’s generation are not touched by SR’s scandals because the Rinpoche that most of them know and have concern for within the Lhakkar family (SR’s family) is SR’s youngest brother – Dzogchen Rinpoche who heads a monastic community in South India.
                      However I get the odd feeling that SR’s success (material ?) and his lifestyle is an inspiration to other younger mid level tulkus and rinpoches.

                    • Thank you for your comment.

                    • @ samhoff: Hi Sam, I read the pages describing the works of Khyentse Wangpo the great. (Pages 166-169, please tell me if you meant other pages)

                      It is never speaken or written out in this book, that this Master outranks another Master or so. Not Khyentse Wangpo or any other master of the Khyentse tradition.

                      This seems to me just a fabrication. I personally think the Buddhadharma is not about outranking.

                      But it seems to me that in Tibet many people as anywhere else in this world put much focus on the ranking stuff.

                      I remember very well, how often SR mentioned, that he is the Nr.2 Lama in the west,directly behind His
                      Holyness Dalai Lama.
                      I consider this statement of SR to seduce some of his students to see themselves as superior to others.

                      After leaving Rigpa, I experienced, to my astonishment, that there are so many incredible Masters, with so many good students. Before, I thought somewhere in my mind, that Rigpa must be extremely outstanding, in all parts of representing the Dharma.
                      I was cured from this wrong point of view quite quickly, realising, that each master is unique, and not to compare with other masters.

                      Otherwise, we might get trapped by thinking like: my God is better than my neighbour ones and so on and so on….

                      So I took this as warning for myself to get aware of stiff upper lips directly under my own nose.

                      Thanks for sharing here your point of view.

                    • I remember very well, how often SR mentioned, that he is the Nr.2 Lama in the west,directly behind His
                      Holyness Dalai Lama.

                      Ha ha ha, very funny. I think Ole Nydahl owns that rank or maybe he is even before HH the Dalai Lama ;-)

                      Its quite sad that a lama makes claims like this, and it doesn’t speak good of him in any way in my eyes.
                      The students might think: ‘Oh I follow the second most important lama after HHDL’ but this only induces pride and self-delusion. Its the same trick that Ole Nydahl uses when he claims those who follow him are the very special ones, those with power and brain etc.

                      Thank you for sharing your experiences!

                    • ven. acarya says:

                      Re: “Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö outranks the Karmapas, the Dalai Lamas, and the Sakya Trizin.”

                      It doesn’t work like that. There is no “single ranking” of all gurus. There are different schools and types of practices, like Kalacakra, Longchen Nyingtik, Lamdre, Cakrasamvara/ Vajrayogini and so forth.

                      Typically the lineage holders have to encompass a large set of practices for one school. That is already very challenging. It is possible for a capable guru to do diverse practices from different lineages, but not easy.

                      In addition to Quantity of teachings there is also Quality of practice and accomplishment. I have vast sets of transmissions but I am not accomplished. Much time and practice is required to accomplish different methods. In fact, many of the transmissions were on the verge of dying out until Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye set about collecting and revitalizing lineages that were close to extinction.

                      If someone is said to “outrank” the Dalai Lama, he or she must do a number of things, including give a full Kalacakra Vajra Master initiation. If someone is said to outrank the Karmapa, then he or she must give as good a transmission of Milarepa, Karma Pakshi, Mahakala Bernagchen, Six Yogas of Naropa and so forth.

                      To outrank a Sakya lineage holder one must give high forms of the signature Sakya empowerments such as the three high Vajrayoginis. A primary dzogchen lineage master would for example have to give Nyingtik Yabshi.

                      I do not know whether or not JKCL could do all of what both the Dalai Lama and HH Sakya Trizin. What I do know is that Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye could do a lot of stuff and that some teachers could give the Rinchen Terdzo cycle. I do not know how many teachers could give the Rinchen Terdzo, but there is no indication known to me that HH the Dalai Lama ever gave this cycle.

                      I myself do not have the 1,500 empowerments of Rinchen Terdzo. I do consider my own set of over 100 high transmissions ( from all four schools ) to be more significant than the vast Rinchen Terdzo. And there are very specific reasons for saying this. For example, I have some more recently revealed terma revelations that were unavailable when Rinchen Terdzo was compiled.

                      Again the point is that lineage and accomplishment refer to several dimensions of transmission and capability. I would have thought that people doing Vajrayana would be aware of the diversity of teachings and transmissions and also the major overhead in transmitting the key practices of any one major lineage. The simplistic supposed single yardstick measure just does not work.

                      I don’t want to confuse the issue with hard core teaching, but there is also the matter of incarnation. One teacher could be the nirmanakaya of nirmanakaya level, and another could be the nirmanakaya of dharmakaya level. Further, someone could become greatly accomplished in one lifetime, like Milarepa. who stated that he was not a nirmanakaya.

                      And the matter of revealed terma teachings is very complex. Certainly Dharmaraja Namkhai Norbu is THE expert in his terma teachings, since almost no Tibetan lamas will even be authorized to read his terma texts! I value those authorizations, and they are different from other Nyingma terma transmissions. Nyingma and terma lineages are very specialized and very diverse. I have and greatly prize a number of unusual revealed termas. And Gelugpas typically reject or even despise Nyingma termas.

                      The above may a make little or no sense, but I do enjoy seeing people trying to make simplistic blunders while missing out on the key factors of tantric practice. The overall point is however simple: there can be no “single linear yardstick or ranking of tantric gurus” because the transmissions are so many and so diverse.

                • Vajrayanists follow Tilopa and Naropa, not Buddha?
                  And who did Tilopa and Naropa follow? Buddha.
                  Vajrayana is dependant on Hinayana moral principles and Mahayana motives-it is not a separate path.
                  As the Tibetans say( Tibet being the home of Vajrayana)
                  Outwardly Hinayana
                  Inwardly Mahayana
                  Secretly Vajrayana ( which Btw means the internet is not the place that those who are genuine vajrayanists conduct such debates)

                  • namkhah says:

                    TDamdul: I think you are confusing Rokpa, a charity which was established by Akong Rinpoche and Rigpa which is Sogyal’s organisation.

                    • I stumbled over that passage but was not sure if there is another Rokpa organisation … thank you for the clarification.

                    • TDamdul says:

                      Thanks for the correction – Namkhah.
                      I know many Rinpoches living in the West have set up charities & foundations that not only help Tibetans in TIBET and in exile but other Asian communities in India & Nepal.
                      Chogyal Namkhai Norbu’s foundation ‘ASIAD’ ALSO helps Sri Lankan and other Asian communities.
                      Likewise i think RIGPA does the same.
                      Ofcourse late AKong’s ROKPA does a lot in TIBET.

                    • Does SR have a younger brother?

                    • The same year, at the invitation of his brother, Sogyal Rinpoche, he made the first of what has become a regular series of visits to the Western world; teaching in Europe, America and Australia.


                      Rigpa Germany is under guidance of both brothers:

                      Gemeinnütziger Verein und Träger buddhistischer Meditationszentren unter der spirituellen Leitung von Sogyal Rinpoche und Dzogchen Rinpoche.


            • I am really unhappy about people who criticized Ole Nydahl or anybody else for telling about the danger Radical Islam is.These critics try to be ” politically correct” and they should respect Buddhist teachers the same way as a Christian’s preacher. And above all they should value truth above political cliche.

              • Sally, reasonable criticism is not the same as condemning “the Islam” based on hostility and a strong image of an enemy. Buddhism is able to differentiate. Ole Nydahl cannot differentiate very well as far as I can see.

                • Whtether speaking about radical or benign islam, A good Buddhist teacher should keep their mouth shut about the faults in the external world and teach their students how to handle inner conflicts, not justify their outward facing fears and prejudices towards this transitory world in the name of religion. Nydahls mistake [here at least] was t even mention Islam publically. In so doing he only fuels conflict.
                  My own Buddhist teacher is deeply concerned about the way in which Islam is evolving and has spoken to me about it personally on several occasions. This however is very different from standing up in front of thousands of people who have come to listen to an ‘enlightened’ master talk on Buddhism, only to encounter someone expressing their personal prejudices, expressed as if they were an aspect of Buddhist teaching. \Such lack of skill and wisdom can only raiise questions about the teachers qualification and foresight in general

                  • I think AN Other is totally correct here, but on top of the inappropriate setting for this type of talk, there is also the question of style…
                    I notice AN Other uses the phrase, “concerned about the way in which Islam is evolving”, which stands in stark contrast to Nydahl’s use of the verb “to be”.
                    It is my understanding that Buddhism encourages people to see the impermanent and changing nature of phenomena, whereas Nydahl’s phrasing – such as, “Islam is this, Moslems are that” or “Allah IS a terrible God” (emphasis mine) – tends to run counter to this in his attempt to paint a picture of some kind of unchanging and inherent nature.

                    Whether this is a deliberate attempt by Nydahl to create an entrenched position, draw battle lines, and deliberately overlook the complexity of complex political issues as they evolve, or whether it is simply ignorance and a profound misunderstanding of the teachings, I can only speculate.

      • @ Tenpel: Once you go to Rigpa-Center in Düsseldorf as part of a DBU-Presentation, as I coud read in the new DBU-Magazin (German Buddhist Assoziation), you coud ask the local Rigpa-Members of their opinion of the SR issue.
        Eventually they speak openly out how they feel with it.

        • Thank you.

          • Sam, I’m afraid your assertion that it is perfectly acceptable for SR to screw disciples is also bunkum-please cite a scriptural source where it says this-you’re very confused

            • No name, I think it doesn’t help any discussion to call others “very confused”, “probably angry” etc. Better to stick to good arguments than judgements about person’s personality.

              • No name says:

                ‘Very confused’ about what is correct. ‘Probably angry’ that someone should criticise your guru.
                Sometimes it’s good to question the underlying states of mind that cause people to make wildly inaccurate assertions about doctrine and what represents proper moral conduct. This is not a debate, it’s a conversation. Sam needs perhaps to check up if anger and confusion are present IMO,Only by recognizing the poison can we prescribe the appropriate antidote

                • Sam Hoff says:

                  SR is not my guru. I haven’t even been to Europe.

                  The issue is Gelugpas forcing Gelugpaism on the other schools.

                  • The issue is Gelugpas forcing Gelugpaism on the other schools.

                    The issue is that people use old stories they do not even understand properly to justify misbehavior of controversial gurus. It is exactly what you are doing Sam. Moreover, you didn’t pick up arguments I made.

                    BTW, how many Tibetan students has SR, and how many of them are considered to be high masters?

                    • Sam Hoff says:

                      You are the one who brought up fake mythological stories of Naropa and Tilopa.

                      How ridiculous tenpel.

                    • Ok Sam, now you out yourself as what you intent in this context: a person who throws sand in the eyes of others to mislead them. A person who has not any substance to base his claims on. The stories of Tilopa and Naropa are as I said (I can quote them from the scriptures.) They are not fake. It is the method of abusive teachers to tell their students only half of those stories, and the students are uneducated and naively enough to believe in those half baked stories without getting the full story with all their details and subtleties. In a brainwashing cult these tactics might work but not here ;-) Good bye Sam. You had your chance ;-)

                    • I have almost forty years experience of practicing in all four traditions and have received teachings from masters of each. I have never come across a single statement from any lama of any of these traditions to support your stance Sam. The only place such statements emanate from are the homes of those who abuse in the name of the dharma, using a misinterpretation of Vajrayana as justification.
                      Your arguments demonstrate a lack of both knowledge and width of experience of the Buddhist tradition. You are simply mouthing the self justifying distortions of those who abuse in the name of the Buddha. The mere fact that you see fit to discuss supposed Vajrayana concepts in such places as internet blogs proves you are completely unqualified to comment, since you cannot even keep precepts associated with the vehicle in question

                    • Sam Hoff says:

                      Even “no name” understood the point I was trying to make there.

                    • Maybe you can also understand “no name” ;-)

  4. Jan Hansen. says:
  5. Having been involved with Ole’s Canadian protégé Mike Freeland I can tell you for certainty this is a dark and unreasonable organization. Freeland will lie, cheat and do anything to make people lives difficult should you disagree with him. Fortunately Freeland isn’t that smart and in over his head. Ole keeps him for Freelands money. His family has lots of it. He is the opposite of enlightened or calm. Terrible businessman. The man is a mess mentally. Has no friends, his partner BJ is nothing more than a money grubbing mail order bride and his business dealings all end up in court. Wow .. how peaceful.

  6. says:

    A lot of unecessary debate…
    Go back to work, and be there for others.
    Just as Lama Ole does, actually… ;-)

  7. John Stewart says:

    Karmapachenno! Long life to Lama Ole and H.H. Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje!!!

  8. I was drugged and raped by O.A. with my friend we were 13 and 14. Hus wife had gone iut for the evenibg to free up the bed and his minions katya and malik were fully aware if what he wa doing to us. We were im sure not the only trusting girls he took advantage of. He is a rapiste . And a pedohile. As he came on me he repeated thus is a great blessing for you, don’t worry nothing went inside.

    • Hi Missy, these are very serious allegations that have legal consequences. Did you go to the police? If these allegations are not true it’s slander and this would be also legally punishable. To prevent that I get legally threatened or involved in this I will abbreviate the name in your comment.
      Did you get counselling? Do you have support?


  1. […] leaders get older, they or their Western students seem to be concerned about their legacy (see also Propaganda: The making of the holy Lama Ole Nydahl). There seems to be a need to establish their uniqueness and special contributions even before they […]

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