What is the Truth – another Smear?

This time I try to collaborate with the NKT-Truth-Smear-Site, because it was not possible to clarify what is fact what is not. I wrote an email to the team of the NKT-Truth-Smear-Site and asked if they can help to clarify if the following claims in the comment section of the YouTube video The Shugden Group are facts or not:

They say:

The NKT are banned form the premises of 1) University of Manchester 2) University of Manchester Institute Of Science and Technology 3) University of Sussex 4) University of Brighton 5) University of Hertfordshire (and if they continue their aggressive recruiting) 6) Swansea Metropolitan University. It was reported on BBC News on 06/02/09. Do get your facts right before posting; this ensures that you don’t make an a** of yourself

I can assure that it is 100% factual that the NKT are constantly being investigated by the charity investigation; as of two and a half weeks ago, I worked for them! For the last two years, the audit commission have refused to sign-off the NKT’s accounting. As you know full-well, twice audit commission investigators have investigated the Manjushri centre.

I can absolutely GUARANTEE you that the NKT are banned from five UK university campuses; I’m a union officer at Exeter university. The NKT have also been banned from university campuses in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Nasty, money-grabbing cult.

Swansea Metropolitan University is now the seventh UK university to ban the NKT from their campus. The decision was passed by the student union, and has been accepted by the vice-chancellor. The reason for the ban (as with other UK universities) is due to over-aggressive recruitment on the campus, and for putting NKT flyers on notice boards without permission. NKT members were caught removing flyers from other Buddhist groups, and replacing them with NKT flyers@.

Personally I have some doubts in what is claimed here. Since the accounts of the posters are closed I can’t ask them to give evidence.

The clarifications I got so far from UK citizens are:

They are still teaching at Sussex University – in the main chapel once a week.

There is a new class at Brighton University…I didn’t know!

Someone else sent a link stating:


this shows NKT figures for the last two years-I cant find any reference to their not having been ‘signed off’??? you can search the NKT centres, constitutions, board membership, accounts on the CC website…

Anybody with factual knowledge is welcome to comment. Thanks.