Western Shugden Society Nonsense Renders Me Silent


Someone sent me a link to a new website/publication of the Western Shugden Society (New Kadampa Tradition group). Just to read the non-sense of self-advertised “using ground-breaking research” makes me speechless. Until now NKT has not shown any ability for doing research not to speak about NKT’s inability to accept already published Western research on NKT and Shugden

I think, It will be just a matter of time until NKT followers will try to incorporate that self-published “ground-breaking research” on Wikipedia…

NKT may you wake up! Enlighten yourself, please! You have lost touch to reality…

The hateful description of the Dalai Lama may reflect on NKT leadership and NKT members themselves:

Wearing the robes of monks and using the Buddha’s profound words, the [NKT] has presumed to teach the world how to accomplish all of the things that [they have] in fact failed to achieve [themselves]. Through words alone, and a vast and very expensive publicity machine, the [NKT leader] has established for himself the position of a ‘God-King’ in the minds of [all] people [who follow NKT]. But behind the rhetoric, the public image and the charisma that has dazzled the world is a [troop of fools] who [have] failed repeatedly.

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