New Kadampa Tradition threatened to sue NBO too

Maybe all of this is also a bit funny. At least it is good to keep some type of humour here ;-)

Not only were certain academics threatened with legal actions by NKT if they publish information the NKT do not like. After the Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) have expressed to the NKT—one of their members—their concern about  NKT’s public protests the NKT also threatened the NBO with legal actions. I wonder if the ASA who also expressed their concern about the NKT protests were also threatened to be sued?

The NBO wrote the following letter to the NKT


It has come to my attention that the Western Shugden Supporters group will be demonstrating at the Teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Nottingham, Oxford and London. Though I am aware that this group is seen as separate to the NKT, it is also well know that the majority of its members are  part of the NKT.

We at the Network of Buddhist Organisations are greatly concerned about this action and wish to request in the strongest terms that the leaders of the NKT ask their members not to demonstrate, or to organise demonstrations, against his Holiness the Dalai Lama when he  teaches in London, Nottingham and elsewhere on his UK and European tours.

To do so would be a direct breach of  the aims of the Network of Buddhist Organisations and may serve not only to bring the name of Buddhism into disrepute but also to cause damage to the NKT itself.

You may also be aware that some years ago before the NKT joined the NBO we met with Jim Belither who stated that the NKT would no longer be involved in such action. This was a great relief to us all and resulted in the NKT joining the NBO.

We understand that the NKT itself is not supporting this action but rather leaving it up to individuals to decide whether they attend or not. We would respectfully suggest that if the NKT leadership want to enhance the reputation of their organisation they should distance themselves and their organisation from any potential demonstration and  make it clear in writing that if anyone does protest, this is unofficial. We would further suggest that NKT supporters are asked by the leadership not to undertake any protest at all.

It is not for the NBO to get involved in the particular disagreements that exist but I would stress that it saddens us greatly that this unseemly action is being resorted to.

This matter will be discussed at the next NBO meeting and I hope that NKT reps will attend to talk it through with us.

With my hopes that these damaging situations can be sorted out soon.
In the Dharma

Jamie Cresswell
Chair Network of Buddhist Organisations – UK

The reply by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and the final legal threat against the NBO can be read here:

Among those threatened to be sued by the New Kadampa Tradition are also INFORM, Dr Reiss, Gary Beesley, and Lama Yeshe. For the latter two see these posts:

See Also

Open Letters by Kelsang Gyatso:

Note: If someone is upset that this information or letters are posted here, this person I would like to request to consider the following thoughts. The NKT try by all means to force others to do what they wish others should do according to their own perspectives. The intimidating tactics include to threat legal actions if someone wishes to publish information the NKT leadership do not like. Sadly among the targets of NKT leadership’s intimidating tactics are  researcher or Buddhist head organisations, as well as the Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman, Lama Yeshe and former members. It was a researcher who suggested to me in an email it would be better the methods of NKT get more known in the public. I think this is a valid reason, hence the letters and information are provided here.

last update: July 14, 2010


  1. J Arthur says:

    They also threatened to sue the Home Office financed group Inform-soon, it might be easier to prepare a list of the people and groups the NKT havent threatened. I remember they also threatened Tricycle and Amazon too? Oh and Beesley’s publisher, Arena Books. And they got their friends to take the Dalai Lama to court…but lost!

  2. J Arthur says:

    If anyone can remember anyone else, pleas post here? Oh yeah, Avyorth Rolinson was threatened with legal action

  3. @JA
    I can only verify and state for sure that they threatened the above mentioned persons or organisations.

    According to former beliefnet members NKT threatened to sue beliefnet if they do not delete a thread about NKT. Beliefnet gave this information about the legal threat to a member who complained after the thread was deleted. This person said it to me.

    It is also clean clear that they wrote to Flickr and WordPress to get my accounts deleted but I do not know if their contacts included also legal threats if they do not do this.

    I think it is true that Avyorth Rolinson was threatened with legal action as far as I know because BBC reported it in their docu about NKT. In the Bunting article it was only mentioned that some were threatened but no names were mentioned. It is also true that NKT threatened INFORM with a legal threat.

    About AMAZON Tricycle etc. I do not know. Do you have any evidence or reliable source? Lets try to collect the cases which are known for sure.

  4. Namkhah says:

    Although i only occasionally peruse on the newstand, I noticed Tricycle is again taking paid advertisements from the cult NKT, there seems to have been a long absence since “Geshe-la” was blackballed by his alma mater dratsang.
    Money talks, I guess.

    • As long as people want to either make money with NKT or are just naive with respect to the potential dangers and the harm NKT is doing to others, the support of NKT will undermine a healthy growth of Buddhism in the West.

      It is a real shame how naive Buddhists and also the British government and people are with respect to NKT. If a totally self-referential cult calls itself “Ancient Buddhist Tradition” then in the name of “religious freedom” Magazines, Newspapers, the BBC* and the British Government are just carelessness and either promote the group, are not really critically investigating NKT or even allow NKT people to work on most sensitive points of society like chaplaincy, with school kids, and health care. Then either those people is harmed because of receiving inappropriate teachings which are presented in a subtle distorted way (the guilt-Karma approach for the sick, or even Tonglen and other inappropriate meditation techniques for those who are not really suitable vessels because they have low self-esteem and suffer on depression and self-hate) and introducing the young school kids to “the importance of the Guru” and letting them see the obscure being Dorje Shugden on top of the NKT altars, and introducing Kelsang Gyatso and his books and centres as the “pure” Buddha, Dharma and Sangha Jewel, thereby infusing them a distorted version of Buddhism which in reality is a personality cult circling around a highly controversial deity and totally isolated cult leader and his 22 books and naive Western followers who have really not much understanding about the vastness and depths, the complexity of Tibetan Buddhism and human nature.

      From the very beginning now British people are misinformed about Tibetan Buddhism by the NKT with NKT’s own distorted version of Tibetan Buddhism and UK government and uncritical British press happily support this. Not only this, nowadays, I heard from UK people, the health care advises to meditate because research found this to be helpful. Though these research relate mainly to MBSR by John Kabat Zinn and only to specific meditation practices, unable to discriminate these research, the meditation techniques and their specific contexts, the health care service in UK now advises people to meditate and recommend the sick (!) NKT meditation classes. NKT is skilful (deceptive) enough to deliberately hide the fact that it is NKT who run those classes, the announcement does not mention any more that NKT is behind the meditation classes they offer for the public.

      May Great Britain and Buddhists wake up! I think also Tricycle should allow themselves to have a critical look on NKT and to revise their policies towards unhealthy groups which bring harm to others.

      Tolerance does not imply to accept the intolerant ones and those who harm others and supporting their activities in the name of “religious freedom” or “freedom of speech”.

      Someone has taken action by setting up a website to bring the situation into public awareness:

      *at least BBC admits that “Some Buddhists and non-Buddhists regard the NKT as outside the mainstream tradition.”

  5. J Arthur says:

    So, examining the recently posted blackmail tapes, they also appear to have threatened Lama Yeshe with legal action, as well as his followers.The list gets ever longer. Only Soka Gakkai have threatened to sue so many people-and theyre a cult too!

  6. Why do you ask the NKT to stay away from the demonstrations while at the same time you ask it to be against it? I don’t get it. It’s up to individuals to make up their minds.

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