Buddhist Monks as Hate Preachers & Sexual Abuse

There are some negative developments in the Buddhist world for which Buddhists should be ashamed, and if possible take up responsibility to counter them.

One of them is that the Rohingya – a Muslim minority in Burma – whom the BBC calls “one of the world’s most persecuted minority groups” face racist and violent abuse by Burmese Buddhists. There are also Buddhist monks who fuel this hate and ethnic conflicts by speeches that invoke hate and fear:

In case you have Facebook or YouTube accounts and you stumble over racism, religious intolerance and hate speeches by Buddhists I think it’s good to let those people – including Buddhist monks or nuns – know that this is unacceptable and wrong and to give good reasons why. (Without getting angry, just as a peaceful protest against such harmful acts which are contrary to a good heart and Buddha’s teachings.)

My contribution for peace, mutual understanding and to counter these negative development is this speech by His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

There are also good news from Burma like these:

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Although this doesn’t justify any violence by Buddhists against Muslims it should be noted that there is also violence by Muslims against Buddhists like in South Thailand or Bangladesh that is rarely reported in the news:

The Buddhist Community in Salzburg (BGS) in Austria published a resolution condemning the violence in Burma against Muslims but they make also clear that the conflicts in Burma and Sri Lanka are not religious in nature – as most of the media claim – but that these conflicts are of ethnic, social or racist origin. The BGS states, that 969 movement in Burma is not a Buddhist Buddhist movement but a racist Burmese movement and that the Burmese Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu – who was sentenced to nine years in prison – abuses his robes by making himself the leader of racist Burmese while the current military government does not much intervene – quite likely to find an argument to not pass over their power to a civil government.

There are also recently reported or discussed cases of child and sexual abuse:

Something inspiring:

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