Part 2 of Correcting Deliberate Misrepresentations on about the Situation at Sera Mey Monastery


Here some new, more specific information has become available to clarify the lies on regarding Sera Mey monastery.
This information was posted by two people living in monastery on the Talk About Shugden facebook group. misrepresentation: The Serpom Shugden group had to rebuild from near zero after the referendum and separation at Sera Mey regarding the Shugden issue.

Figure 1
Figure 1

Eyewitness clarification from facebook: To say they had to build from near-zero is scandalous. Here is a picture took in October 2008, 6 months after the split (figure 1), showing the fields around the monastery during harvest. Notice the huge building on the right on the picture I posted here? It’s the same building as the one on the top center of the photo of the first post of this article (the red roof hardly visible towering above the older houses. To the top left is the prayers hall of Sera Mey). That building is much longer than shown here. See the building in construction in the middle of the fields? That was part of Serpom accommodations at the time of the split and now is personal household of their Abbot. Knowing indian construction standards, it is impossible for such a building to spring out in 6-7 months. So, Serpom housing was not built from near-zero … They also kept many of the old houses built in the 70’s, in the older section of Sera. They were thus able to kept on with their activities rather well off. misrepresentation: Sera Mey refused to share their water with Shugden followers.

Eyewitness Clarification from facebook:  Saying they had no proper source water is false as, up until last year, many of their water pipes where still connected to the main feeding source of Sera Mey. Those who were in residence in 2013 will remember well the drought that affected us leaving the Sera Mey kitchen, main building complex and various housing group with NO water. Hence, Sera Mey requested Serpom to find an alternative source for their water for which they complied and the matter was settled peacefully and without a hint of conflict. From 2008 to 2013 give us a gap of 5 years for which they were provide with water misrepresentation: After the separation the Shugden faction of Pomra Khangtsen, renamed Serpom monastery, was left with little land, no temple and next to nothing.

Eyewitness Clarification from facebook: The land where Pobhor Khamtsen of Sera Mey Monastery has built their living quarters and now the monastic building, was given by CTA not the Government of India. Of course every inch of Tibetan refugee land belong to the government of India and not an iota of Indian land belong to Tibetans. The land was under CTA’s undertaking and after the split, was allotted to the remaining monks of Sermey Pomra Khamtsen, which has earlier, housed the largest number of Shugden worshippers prior to the separation in 2008.
Since the original Pomra Khamtsen monks had lost everything because at the time of separation the Shugden followers of the Pomra Khamtsen asked for all the property: monastic temple, monetary funds, living quarters et al, CTA gave the above mentioned land to the original Sermey Pomra Khamtsen monks where they have already built living quarters now and is halfway through building the monastic temple. The Shugden followers of Sermey Pomra Khamtsen went on to found a new monastery named Serpom – a derivative of Sera Mey and Pomra, and got all the lands, money and living quarters, monetary funds and as well as a newly built temple ready-made!(all belonging to the erstwhile Pomra Khamtsen of Sera Mey monastery)

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