Raimondo Bultrini about Shugden, the protests against the Dalai Lama and China’s role in it

The 14th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates ceases today. A brief summery covering the ISC / New Kadampa Tradition protests and links to new academic material can be read here. Raimondo Bultrini posted on the La Repubblica blog an article on the matter of the Pope who did not receive the Dalai Lama. Here is a rough translation of the relevant section related to the Anti Dalai Lama protests and Shugden.

We do not know that idea has made Pope Francis of the religious situation in China and the consequences that befall individuals and movements that may pose any threat to the power control of the Party and the State. The Falun Gong and its annihilation with torture killings and mass arrests of his followers is a warning in history. Since the Vatican knows what they mean persecution of priests and devotees in the same People’s Republic, can ‘therefore also imagine why in turn the Tibetans try spiritualissimi support, perhaps by an entity moral and ethical “infallible compassion” what is the boss the largest in the Western Church.

The Vatican would be enough to observe the photos and videos on social networks where you see the Chinese tourists enter the monasteries and temples with shoes throwing around the butts of cigarettes, taking Selfie with two fingers in V between devotees and monks who meditate or prostrate themselves the Buddha. Sure, they act so only milder than did the soldiers of the PLA, which razed edfici and religious statues, rosaries and trampled mills prayer of the devotees. And sometimes still do, according to reports from human rights groups and Tibetan exiles.

But in China today, there are more subtle ways to denigrate a religion and with it the love that binds the people to their current spiritual leader. To this end, China is supporting how can ‘a group that accuses the Tibetan leader of committing injustices against the devotees of a certain deity of fierce called Gyalpo Shugden or Gyalchen. This organization, which is headed by an old … moved away years ago from his monastery for “severe violations of religious bond with the Buddhist community,” is so rich you can ship around the world hundreds of people in order to demonstrate in the street and accuse the Dalai Lama of being a liar.

There is evidence of payments made by the followers of this erudite scholar and considered heretical, Kelsang Gyatso, to organize the travel of the protesters traveling. Gyatso is the founder of the “New Kadampa Tradition”, with the aim to revive the tradition of the original school which still belongs to the Dalai lama. It has a luxurious home in England and hundreds of centers in America and other countries where they practice the worship of Shugden, considered powerful and effective against all enemies inside and outside, but that according to the Dalai Lama is a source of discord and tension between the Tibetans since origin at the time of his fifth predecessor, in the seventeenth century. The operational arm in the current international campaign anti Dalai is the Western Shugden Society, later renamed International Community Shugden, and their first public appearance was in 1996, during a protest in central London, the same standard of those of today.

It ‘a story full of intrigue and mysteries, including a triple murder in Dharamsala in India the year after that first demonstration English, near the residence of the Dalai Lama. A group of Tibetans who belonged to the same cult and was – at that time officially – connected to the NKT, was investigated and then acquitted in the investigation despite the serious evidence of a plot to assassinate the director of the local school of Tibetan Dialectics, who had sided with the Dalai against this practice considered “dangerous”. In the assault were killed by stabbing two monks. Among the papers of the investigation was seized a list of authorities of the then Tibetan government in exile, the Dalai lama in the head, to be eliminated. A risk that according to intelligence Tibetan exiles still exists today.

Since there were no other “tracks” plausible, with the end of the investigation on the triple murder is passed into the background the role of the association that was owned by a group of Tibetan monks and lay people of the district of New Delhi, the Dorje Shugden Devotee’s Charitable & Religious Society. Yet it would be important to get to the bottom, as were its adherents to open for the first time to the Chinese the opportunity to realize the benefits of their special version of Tibetan Buddhism, based on the worship of a spirit which, ideally, is on their side and not that of the enemy “separatist” Dalai.

Starting with the days of the triple murder in February of 1997, the Chinese authorities have granted special privileges to students of Shugden (the killer entered China via Nepal despite an arrest warrant still pending), and invite them to regular political consultations and strategy on how to reduce the influence of the Dalai Lama in Tibet. In exchange for help to build more new temples dedicated to their “Buddha” Shugden, while Tibetans urging people not to worship as recommended the Dalai Lama, are even arrested as happened in these hours to the 77-year old Jamyang Tsering.

At international level, the current media strategy of the International Community Shugden is much thinner and employs millions of posts on social networks and invitations to the followers to participate in the campaign “Dalai lama stop lying” via twitter or directly in the places of the events that are taking place in several places in the world visited by the Tibetan leader.

China observes naturally rubbing his hands this controversy which aims to weaken the figure of the Tibetan leader in his own strong point of human rights. The Dalai explained many times its position on the subject and there are hundreds of gigabytes of online documents and testimony from his hands and books of scholars such as Georges BJ Dreyfus and the Dolgyal Shugden Research Society (‘Dolgyal Shugden: A History’). So even the experts can investigate the Vatican about the background of the case and here and there a glimpse of the kind of strategy of defamation and denigration that China could take to resize, as well as the Dalai Lama, even the Pope of Rome.

For example would reappear out some more recent history and equally embarrassing for the Catholic Church of that spirit-Tibetan demon, whose protagonists Pope Bergoglio and other priests in the darkest period in modern Argentine history. In 2000 a court in Buenos Aires wrote in the judgment against three former soldiers sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of two priests progressives, that the church hierarchy had “closed eyes” of the double murder. Those were the years when the current pope led the Jesuit order Argentines (1973-1979), at the top of the Catholic hierarchy who asked the faithful to act as patriots.

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