Why ‘Kadampa Buddhism’ (NKT) has all the characteristics of a cult

Here is something I wrote several years ago about what makes the NKT a cult. Since I don’t debate the cult much these days I thought I would share it again. Please overlook any grammar mistakes I may have made. Grammar was always my worst subject in school. – David Cutshaw

The leader is always right

It’s blasphemy to question Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (GKG). He knows all, and sees all. The New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) teaches he is a Buddha, the one and only one living today. Not many people will go against the wishes of a Buddha, so when people are told Geshe-la says: it’s best not to mix with other traditions, or read books with other teachers, most in the NKT do as they’re told. The NKT makes GKG out to be god like. Even making such statements that he visits each NKT center several times a day. I was told he doesn’t even need to fly on planes to get to empowerments. He can just magically appear. I was also taught if I place all my faith in Geshe-la I would not only have a fortunate rebirth so would my family. The NKT uses the mystical Geshe-la to have complete control of it’s practitioners. Some who have dared to question his authority have been banned from their center. I for one had deep guilt when I saw faults in Geshe-la. I just knew I would go to hell for it.

No questioning

As stated above people who have dared to question GKG have been banned from their center. Not just GKG but also their resident teacher. A lot of which where committing sexual misconduct, but those who so dared to report their teacher where more than likely the ones who got into trouble. They where often told not to tell anyone or they may lose faith. But more often then not they where told something along the lines that they are the ones with the problems. You see GKG chose those teachers to teach on his behalf. He is a Buddha, so he knows what’s best and has no faults. If you see faults in your resident teacher, you are seeing faults in a Buddha. In other words all the blame should be placed on the one seeing faults. Not the one screwing everything he can get his hands on. It’s not wise to ask questions in the NKT. Like for instance saying you disagree with something GKG has said. Or making a remark you don’t like how your center is operated. You’d most likely get a reply that Geshe-la has made the rules, and he knows what’s best.

The whole world is against us

The whole world is against the NKT. I was pretty much lead to believe I’m a Jew, and HH the Dalai Lama is Hitler. The NKT teaches they have Pure Dharma, but to make matters worse there are people who are trying to destroy it. Namely the Dalai Lama and the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT). I was lead to believe that HH the Dalai Lama had the power to ban Buddha’s and even enter peoples centers and remove Dolgyal statues. I was taught that the FPMT was trying their best to destroy the NKT, and will even take it over after the death of GKG. All of this left me paranoid, and I felt it was my duty to protect the NKT’s pure Dharma at all cost. I debated against HH the Dalai Lama and of course I made a lot of donations to the NKT to protect it from the people who are trying to destroy it.

No one else is right

I was taught only the NKT has pure Dharma. I was taught only the path set forth by GKG lead to enlightenment. All other Buddhist traditions where corrupt, especially Tibetan traditions who are corrupted with Tibetan politics.

Financial Exploitation

Since people are trying to destroy the NKT’s pure Dharma, there’s no better cause then donating to it, and it’s growth. The NKT gives to no other charity then the International Temples Project. I was asked all the time to make a donation with a promise if I did I would always have Dharma not only in this life, but all my future lifes to come. Just touching a NKT built Buddhist temple would lead to a higher rebirth so my teacher claimed. I donated all that I could. I also paid my centers rent in the summer time while my teacher was away doing TTP. I felt honored to do it. I was after all giving the gift of pure Dharma to all living beings. I was even asked to take out a loan and donate the money to my center. Thankfully I never did that. One person at my center was not so fortunate. She gave my center a credit card under her name. After my center folded she was left with thousands of dollars to pay out of her pocket. Other people have given their life savings, and even their homes to the NKT. They more than likely did so believing in the NKT cause. Which is to give and protect pure Dharma.

Using fear and intimidation

If you question GKG you will burn aeons in hell. If you see faults in GKG, the NKT, your resident teacher, etc you have an impure mind, which can only lead to the lower realms. If you say anything bad against the NKT you will be taken to court. If you stray from the path GKG has set forth for you, you’ll also burn in hell for that. No wonder those of us who get the courage to leave have a lot of fear at first. We’re even afraid to tell people what our experience was like practicing with the cult, because if we did the NKT and it lawyers would sue us. The NKT installs fear into it’s practitioners. It works very well I might add.


All of the above will do just that. I was so brainwashed I needed my teachers permission to vote. I did what was expected of me, as the brainwashed Kadampa that I was. I believed the world was out to destroy the NKT with a passion. To the point I used to pray to Dolgyal to protect the NKT from the mean ol’ Dalai Lama. I was so brainwashed I felt the NKT was the only family I needed. As a result I neglected my family and friends.

All of this and more is what makes the NKT harmful.

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David Cutshaw founded the New Kadampa Survivors.

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