Andrea Ballance is a survivor of the Buddhist group NKT and tells ASLI “I have lived through PTSD and RT (religious trauma). I feel that I have something to say that can help people. I feel art in all its facets has an important role to play in an individual’s health and the health of our whole society”.

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Artist Andrea Ballance

Andrea Ballance, 41 from Lancing, England is a multimedia community artist who submitted for our first campaign “Celebration of Women”, as a team we felt keeping Andrea’s work for the following campaign would give her a better platform as her piece speaks about the effects of post traumatic stress disorder and being a survivor. This is why we felt her story was better suited for the present campaign “mental illness, health and recovery”.

Andrea is a wife and Mother of two children and has lived all over England as well as mainland Europe and describes herself at present as a: “stay at home mum with 1001 projects bursting from every thought”.

I feel my true artistic background is a lifetime of being obsessed with light and dark. This then turned into an obsession with colour tones and led to me doing a degree in Community Art.

Initially my work was…

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  1. suzanne o'meara says:

    thank-you very much for sharing

  2. tenpel,

    I request you to do a blog post on how the Fifth Dalai Lama killed Dolgyal.

    Fifth Dalai Lama killed Dolgyal, even though Dolgyalpas centuries later rewrote history and said he was not successful.

    From “Dalai Lama and the King Demon”:

    “a great number of signs, among them a strong smell of burning flesh, demonstrated that the exorcisms were fully successful and that “many lives were saved,” while these “infernal creatures” were being guided ‘toward a peaceful state of being” and saved from the danger of “having to experience the intolerable suffering of bad states of rebirth due to their increasingly negative actions.””

    (quoted phrases are from the Fifth Dalai Lama)

    Terdak Lingpa confirms:

    “I saw that at this point of the rite the untamable elemental spirit, wandering in the night, being seized, tied around the waist, killed, and eaten. All the participants heard screams and smelled a burnt odor. After these and other positive signs, the Dalai Lama completely recovered.”

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