A Brief Clarification About the “ExposingKultcharaA” Site & Some Mean Tsem Tulku Followers’ (Kechara) Tactics

by Tenzin Peljor

There is a blog exposingkultchara.wordpress.com which deals with the cyber methods of Tsem Tulku and his followers. The blog is run anonymously. It has recently posted a post “Kultchara’s public meltdown”.

Tsem Tulku followers mirror that blog under “exposingkultcharaA.wordpress.com” and claim that this site is run “by Tenzin Peljor (Michael Jäckel aka Mick Jackman), Carol McQuire and Jiunn Hsiao (Lobsang Nyima aka Yogini Souldiva)”. Carol McQuire or I have nothing to do whatsoever with any of these blogs or sites.

To deceive the reader better the fake blog changed also the recommended sites of the origin blog:

They did the same thing to Jamie Khoo and Sharon Saw, who they suspect of running insidethecompany.wordpress.com by starting: “insidetheKompany.wordpress.com”

On Twitter Tsem Tulku followers use similar tactics but go even further. To give an example, among others they fake existing accounts like @Snowlions (which attacks them) and create own accounts like @SnowIion (capital i instead of l). With such a fake account like @SnowIion they make known the supposed identity of the @Snowlions account holder (they erred about supposed identities different times) and post images of the family members of the person they assume is behind the @Snowlions account. So, Tsem’s followers seem to be stalking the family of the guy they believe is behind the @snowlions account. Tweeting out photos of his wife, kids and home.

If you are not yet familiar with the Tsem Tulku story, save your time. Kechara / Tsem Tulku are really keen to slander, attack and denounce all those whom they perceive as their enemies (including the Dalai Lama, former members, or former “pastors” of their group) while they portray themselves as terrible suffering victims.

From Buddhists I’ve never encountered such an amount of confusion, lies, self-pity, aggression and spite as it is spread by Kechara / Tsem Tulku and his followers online. Since this crazyness is self-revealing, I think, there is no need to analyse it or to give more comments on it.

It is however true, that Tsem Tulku and his followers are also attacked and slandered. As far as I can see these attacks come often from disillusioned members who grew up in his organisation Kechara and didn’t learn it better – being influenced by the bad examples set up by Tsem Tulku himself. Moreover, many of these people started it rather as a defence (maybe also revenge) or to let people know about the cyberbullying tactics of the Tsem/Kechara organisation after Tsem Tulku & his followers had bullied them already viciously online (with slander of having committed crimes, supposed sexual preferences, supposed evil minded nature, revealing their full identities online etc). It’s really ugly!

Updates 1 – 7 January 2017

Followers of Tsem Tulku have set up another mirror site for which they abuse my name in order to pretend I run it. The name of the site is byebyeshugden.wordpress.com it mirrors the anti-Tsem blog goodbyeshugden.wordpress.com. In the about section of the fake blog they list my name, address, telephone numbers etc in order to give the false impression I run it.

The same happened with letterSforkecharahouse.wordpress.com. They took the “S” out of letterSforkecharahouse.wordpress.com site, created the mirror site letterforkecharahouse.wordpress.com and put my name, address, telephone numbers etc on the about page, claiming wrongly that I run it.

There is a third site, justfactsaboutsem.wordpress.com, which also lists me wrongly as the author of it. It’s a mirror site of the anti-Tsem blog justfactsabouTtsem.wordpress.com

On Jan 3, 2017, the WordPress team suspended the byebyeshugden.wordpress.com site after I had reported it to them as a case of identify theft. I reported the other three remaining sites now too. On Jan 4, 2017, all of the remaining sites have been suspended for a breach of the WordPress.com Terms of Service.

On Jan 5-6, 2017 I reported three more blogs which wrongly claimed they are operated by me. WordPress has kindly suspended these too.

Update 14 January 2017

After WordPress suspended 5 WordPress blogs which wrongly claimed to be run by me, Tsem Tulku followers – who seem to have plenty of time and financial resources – set up a (beautiful) new site, kultchara.org, which wrongly claims to be run by “Tenzin Peljor …, Carol McQuire and Joey Wong”. It mirrors the blog exposingkultchara.wordpress.com Using my name as the author this new site wrongly claims: “This is the original exposing kultchara blog of which we are the authors. Some people have created a mirror blog without our permission and without crediting us. We have nothing to do with that fake blog whatsoever.”

Fake site kultchara.com
Fake site kultchara.com

Another fake site is delightfulsatire.com … Who has so much time to create this?

Fake site delightfulsatire.com

Well guys, enjoy your life and use it well.

Update 17 January 2017

Another fake site … blog.tianya.cn/blog-7479466-4.shtml – now from China 😉


Update 6 February 2017

More web sites have been set up… Gradually I get a clue why they steal my identity, create these websites and lie that I run them. A possible reason for these activities can be found on the dorjeshugden.com website. There someone wrote in a forum:

Tenzin Peljor has done so much harm to so many people. I am surprised it has taken so long for the focus to be thrown back at him and not a minute too soon. Years of attacking real monks whom he knew were bound by vows not to respond, emboldened this ‘monk’ . He now even brags that he is behind sites that have clear criminal intent. I googled his name under various aliases and came across this very damning site with his name on it boasting to be the owner.


It seems, creating these sites and putting my name on them has two reasons: 1) its a means to slander my person and 2) they can continue to portray themselves as victims.

After a complaint by me, upon investigation, Live Journal has permanently suspended kultchara.livejournal.com. Also a google blog, using the same tactics, has been permanently suspended by Google. Here are some screenshots. I stopped now getting all of these accounts suspended or deleted, its just too ridiculous and time consuming.

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Updated Feb 06, 2017