It’s time to let these activities come to an end…

Dear Friends in the Dharma and dear friends of sentient beings,
I will gradually stop my engagement here on the blog and in general regarding the abuse of power, cultish structures, sexualised violence and the harm been done to the faithful – to vulnerable, open-minded seekers – in the name of Buddhism.

These activities can come to an end because things have changed. There is far more awareness and information about these matters and more and more people take responsibility and really care. There are new Buddhist grass roots initiatives, who increase awareness about the problems we face in Buddhist communities in the West, people who work for changes and for healing and who don’t tolerate the serious shortcomings that exist.

This month a three year research on abuse in Buddhism has started in Germany. The research is 100% funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. This research will give the whole situation a proper professional direction and a verifiable data base. The research results will be available for the public.

For a while I will work in the background a bit doing some networking. From time to time I might post a guest post or I might post a post with important updates (less important updates I will post under this post in the comment section.)

Taking responsibility started for me in 2004 with my German website I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with these topics nor did I become a monk to engage in these topics. However, I think there was a need at that time and now there is a need for me to let go and to let things unfold as they are. As a psychologist said in April this year to me: “if it stinks, it needs fresh air.” Now the shit has hit the fan, it seems to be all over the place. Ignoring or running away from our problems will be far harder.

Without naming names, I would like to say thank you to all those who supported, encouraged or helped me over the last years.

This blog and my websites will continue to be online and especially my websites, and, might get new articles from time to time.

I will continue to engage as best as I can in providing personal support for survivors of abuse or survivors of Buddhist cults. What will gradually come to an end are the blogging activities. (Though I might make an exception with my neglected German blog.)

Thank you all!
May all your spiritual wishes be fulfilled and may you always be supported and surrounded by genuine, truly compassionate spiritual or mundane friends.

Maha Metta,
Maha Mudita,

Image: © Nick | The Cotswold Way, Leckhampton Hill | (CC BY 2.0)