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It’s an endless task and probably a waste of time to respond and correct all the claims and ‘truths’ of WSS/NKT. However, some humour is always helpful.

This image of WSS ‘proofs’ ‘more religious persecution by the Dalai Lama’.

Monks using a hose and buckets to bring water into their room is the sign for WSS/NKT that “Shugden monks outcast from their monastery and then their water is cut off.”

According to the related YouTube Video this image was sent to a Western woman from Sera Monastery (India).

According to a monk who knows the situation in Sera Monastery (India) well: “While at Sera our house had several water shortages and we used a similar method. Most, if not all, of the larger houses have a water tank on the roof that collects water when available, but once this is used up, especially in dry season, it can be 2 days or so until the water supply is replenished. Monsoon, from what my friend told me, just came two or three days ago. The smaller houses are often completely dependent on rain water from the eavestrough. Drinking water is available at several outlets throughout the monastery, and that is what monks generally drink. It is an unfortunate expense that must be beared if one wants to live at Sera without dysentery.”

What reality is behind the story about the ‘Segregation Wall at Ganden Monastery”?

According to WSS “it’s appearance is deceptive and hides a sinister purpose. Each brick is an eerie symbol of inhumanity and hatred, instilled on the basis of religious belief by one person’s lies.”

To quote post #124 from the New York Times: “Big thanks to the WSS for taking on the unpleasant task of exposing this ugly carbuncle on the face of Tibetan Buddhism.”

Horror or Humour: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles…

Encouraged by WSS/NKT’s approach I found the proof that NKT is performing black magic. Look at the following image and see the truth behind the NKT:

The appearance of the NKT temple is deceptive and hides a sinister purpose. Each brick is an eerie symbol of overt proselytizing, catching innocent newbies, turning their mind towards autocrat leadership, inhumanity and hatred, instilled on the basis of religious belief by one person’s lies.

Look how dark the temple is, dark as the soul of WSS/NKT, what a horror! Puuh, be frightened!

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Aug 28, 2008

According to a Buddhist monk living in Sera:

Honestly, from having lived in Sera monastery and visiting Ganden twice, similar walls were there before the whole Shugden mess. These walls are necessary in order to prevent livestock from coming in to the property and also to block the noise from traffic coming in. EVERY large house in India has high walls surrounding it, not just the Tibetan camps.

I see a wall as a wall, no more, no less. This is not reminiscent of Jews in the Ghetto because the wall acted as a prison to keep them in the camps. No one has alleged that the Shugdens don’t have freedom of movement. They are just trying to draw extreme parallels to support their case.

Sera Monastery in India has since years different walls. There is no “The Segregation Wall” as WSS/NKT wrongly claim. A monk sent two images from the Sera walls, commenting: “These [images] were taken in 2003/4, well before the restrictions on Shugden. It shows that at the monasteries in exile these walls do not serve to ghettoize Shugdenpas – only keep out goats!”

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