Blog “Western Shugden Society – Unlocked” Moved to Another URL

WordPress has archived or suspended the WSS-unlocked Blog because the

“blog is named the same as existing sites – – the Terms of Service means the blog content has to be moved to another url.”*

I started today to move the blog to this url which was rather easy due to the import/export features by WordPress. However, the Blogroll-links had to been added step by step anew, the Blog Stats are lost and the links in the posts and comments have to be corrected on the entire blog in the next days. So please be patient if something doesn’t work. (The internet connection speed is slower than that of a 120 year old man as well – about 26kb/sec and often breaking down completely…)

Until now it is not clear to me how to move the media files from the former blog address to this address. It could be that all images, files and screen-shots will get lost due to this url change. If you find faults, e.g. dead links, or if you have any advice please be so kind to send an email or make a comment.

I will ask WordPress for further help, thank you in advance for your collaboration.

The Blog Stats before the move were:

  • 39,445 visitors.

A new feature on the blog is that you can rate pages, posts and comments below of each.

Amendment October 29, 2009

I have now access to the former blog stats and media center and will upload the files and update the links step by step. I try to complete the trouble shooting on Nov. 15, 2009.

According to the WordPress dashboard the blog had the following statistics:

Visitors: 39,502
Busiest Day: 456 — Sunday, May 31, 2009


Views per month:
Lowest visitor rate: 963 –  June 2008
Highest visitor rate: 7,974 – September 2008
Visitor rate before closing the blog: 1,538 – October 2009

* Additional Note November 06, 2009

The blog was blocked by WordPress due to complaints by the Western Shugden Society. In the past NKT has successfully shut down also my Flickr Account, shut down threads on beliefnet, and also tried to shut down or to get removed the New Kadampa Survivors forum on Yahoo. There could be added more about NKT’s trials to get removed unwelcome public sources about them, but I leave it with this short list now. The move of the blog is finished since yesterday.