Global Tribute to the Dalai Lama – 75th Birthday of The Dalai Lama

AVAAZ wants to help people to express their gratitude and love towards His Holiness the Dalai Lama whose messages of peace and justice are seen to “need a big public jolt of support in these challenging times to demonstrate to those who oppose it that the world is united in hope for a peaceful and fair world.”

The  global tribute Avaaz is organising has collected now almost 300,000 voices that will be delivered personally to the Dalai Lama. According to Avaaz

signers and messages are being posted on a “wall of warm wishes” just outside the main Temple in Dharamsala, India and will be broadcast across the region. Click below to sign — let’s make his birthday last as long as we keep signing:

To The Dalai Lama: We wish you well on your 75th birthday and stand together across the world to express our thanks for your leadership for justice, non violence and peace.

For signing the petition see: Dalai Lama: 75th Birthday Global Tribute