No Naming Names – The CTA Should Continue with A Measured Response


The CTA’s frustration at the false allegations and constant campaigning of the Shugden Movement is understandable, but their decision to publish names and photos¹ of those participating in the protest is not an appropriate response. The result of this has already been hysterical allegations of inciting violence (PDF) (not true, the language in both Tibetan and English was neutral), and has set back the efforts of so many of us to counter the NKT’s lies and propaganda over the last several months.

The CTA should not make this personal – it is an ideological issue. As such, information about the origins of Shugden, its violent history, and its connection to sectarianism is the argument that needs to be made if we are to counter the campaign successfully. Things had actually been going quite well, but this latest misstep could cause a loss of confidence in the CTA’s ability to lead a measured and rational campaign regarding this issue.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-22 um 22.39.28Those of us who stand against Shugden must be held to a higher standard than the Shugden Organizations such as NKT. In 2008, when the NKT released a list and photos of its critics, I was shocked at how they made the ideological personal. The same standard must be applied here, so it is my hope that the CTA will take down this list and choose a wiser, more measured course of action to the provocative protests of the NKT and Shugden groups.