Hoax or Disinformation: A Letter from United Front of the Tibetan People

Some people make a big fuss of a letter that has been sent to people by a so called United Front of the Tibetan People. A “hero member” of the DorjeShugden.com site states:

A friend just received these letters today. It is very worrying! Please circulate this to as many authorities as possible… even the FBI… this is out right threats, if it isn’t I don’t know what is. This is a clear indication of a hit-list sent out to Tibetan to attack 34 Tibetans who protested and the list is probably growing. Shame on you CTA. You cannot get away with murder!

Letter from United Front of the Tibetan People:
Please read the letter that I received today from The United Front of the Tibetan People – this is quite shocking. It says things like “I think we need to take action against the 34 Tibetans and teach them lesson. We need to silence them and not let them protesting.” This is really unbelieveable and clear evidence of bullying and discrimation.

The NKT nun Kelsang Chogyop received this letter in the USA and spread it via Facebook. From there it made its way through the internet. The letter to Kelsang Chogyop seems to have contained also the highly questionable lists of Tibetan Shugden protesters. Mixing again fiction with facts.

The letter is either a hoax or it can be even disinformation from the Shugden people themselves.* There is no United Front of the Tibetan People. Any thinking person will see that the letter is also plain stupid speaking of the Dalai Lama as a god etc. Who takes this letter seriously can not be taken seriously … The letter is signed by four individuals. In the context of this controversy nowadays almost nobody wants their name even to be mentioned not to speak about signing such a letter with your real name. Everybody can take this letter and can go to the next police office to ask the police to take actions … The letter has no website address either …

* In the past it was planned by Shugden people to murder the assistant of Trijang Chogtrul Rinpoche in order to blame the CTA for this murder. For details see excerpt here.